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Ages:4 - 65
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Arrival:Victoria-Seychelles Airport (SEZ)
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1st Nov - 22nd Dec
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11th Apr - 11th Jul
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Come and find your island paradise in the Seychelles, an archipelago off the coast of East Africa. These islands were once host to pirates but are now home to beautiful blue waters, soft sandy beaches, rare plants and exotic birds found nowhere else in the world. Let this tranquil atmosphere sweep you away as you hop between the two largest islands in the archipelago, Praslin Island and Mahe Island.

Spending four days on Praslin Island, the second largest island in Seychelles, you can walk or bike your way around, discovering secluded beaches and vast national parks home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Vallée de Mai, or relax by the pool and enjoy a spa day at your resort. Enjoy a further six days on Mahe, the largest island in Seychelles, where you will experience the capital Victoria, be able to interact with the famous plant life on the island, and explore the cultural history of Seychelles.

Example Itinerary

(B) Breakfast, (L) Lunch, (D) Dinner

Begin your ten-day luxury trip at Praslin Island, home to beautiful white beaches, crystal blue water and exotic wildlife. Your four-day stay on Praslin Island will open your eyes to the beauty of this island archipelago and you will have spectacular opportunities to witness some of the rarest creatures in the world. This trip has no planned activities, rather the power is in your hands to decide what you would like to see and where you would like to go.

All the activities listed below come at additional costs and it is recommended to book them in advance of your island adventure.

Excursions (offered through the accommodation at additional cost):

  • Full Day Vallee De Mai/Anse Lazio
  • Full Day La Digue boat / Bike

Nature Activities:

  • Praslin National Park: The second largest national park in the Seychelles, Praslin National Park is home to a variety of native plants and the famous Black Parrot (only found in this region of the world). For an authentic experience within the park, you are recommended to take the less visited Glacis Noire trail, ending in some of the most spectacular views anywhere on the island.
  • Vallée De Mai: A UNESCO world heritage site home to the rare and famous Coco De Mer palm tree that produces the biggest seed of any plant in the world. Vallée De Mai is considered a spot of extreme natural beauty.
  • Bird Watching: For bird lovers Praslin Island offers the opportunity to spot some of the rarest species on the planet. Bird watchers can hope to spot the Seychelles Bulbul, Black Parrots and Swiftlets.
  • Nature hike from Mont Plaisir to Anse Georgette: This nature trail takes visitors through a landscape of indigenous plants before opening with views across the bay.

Cultural Activities:

  • Praslin Museum: Showcasing the traditions of the island and medicinal plants, this museum is an interesting and refreshing culture stop that encourages visitors to get involved in local activities such as coconut husking and grilling breadfruit.
  • Cinnamon Distillery Ruins: Located near Anse Takamaka these distillery ruins may not appear impressive however, the location they sit on creates fantastic photography opportunities. The ruins are a nod to the rich and vibrant heritage of Praslin Island as a producer and exporter of cinnamon oil.

Coastal Activities:

  • Boat Tours: With many different boat tours, individual hires and boat styles to choose from this activity is perfect for anyone. Explore the island drinking in the breath-taking coastal scenery either as part of a group or individually, and discover an alternative perspective to Praslin.
  • Snorkelling, diving and swimming: These activities can be carried out at any beach or any body of water. Professional lessons and group sessions are available from the numerous instructors located across the island as well as the on-site instructor at the Constance Lemuria Resort. Experience first-hand the tropical waters and ancient coral reefs with these aquatic adventures.

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